Here is a short but very effective way to help you haggle down the best deal.

Benchmark a price for your perfect holiday

Always have a clear budget at the start in mind and give realistic figures.


When speaking to the holiday clerk ask for their first name It’s worth remembering to stay polite, charming and smiley throughout .

Try and open up with a phrase

“im in two minds to book today
“iv had a few quotes already but still slightly out of my budget, what can you offer me to book with you today?

Show commitment

Casually drop in hints of how you can pay or a mention of an occasion for example,
“Do you take card payments as i can pay today”?
“I got a bonus from work so i thought id treat myself and the family to a holiday”
“Havent had a holiday in a while, so i hope you can change that”
“A friend of mine told me about your holidays”

Then continue the process with a few more companies, occassionally mention
” we are not far getting a deal what else are you offering”?


There is no better advertising than word of mouth and no better way of returning back the favour by asking the agent for their contact details so you can pass on anyone else looking for a holiday.

Avoid asking one word answers for eg

“can i get a discount ?
“can you offer me anything else?
I love it can you offer me a deal on it?í

Give the agents a chance to beat your quote , after all they are after your business.

Happy Haggling.